Ri-li 2.0.1

All aboard the train!


  • Nice game for children
  • Cute graphics
  • Lots of levels


  • Background music is a bit annoying - luckily you can turn it off

Very good

Remember that old Snake game we all used to have in our mobile phones not so long ago? Ri-Li is based on the same idea, but presented in a much nicer way.

This game, which seems to be mainly addressed to children, challenges you to create the longest train ever by adding as many carriages as you can to a railway engine that follows a wooden track.

Easy as it sounds, things soon start to get complicated, especially when you carry so many carriages after you that it's hard to move around the track without hitting your own tail – which obviously ends the game.

The game features background music and sound effects that you can turn off if you find them a bit annoying, like I did. On the upside, graphics are very nice: high level of detail, colorful design and a cute cartoonish style that most kids will love.

Every time you manage to successfully gather all carriages, you're presented with a quiz question and then the next stage in the game. Ri-Li includes 50 levels, so your kids will be amused for quite a while.

Oh well, you can also play it if you want to, I won't tell anyone.

Ri-Li is the digital version of a very traditional pastime - wooden toy trains – with a Snake videogame twist.

Ri-li is an arcade game licensed under the GPL (General Public License). You drive a toy wood train machine along many levels and you must collect all the coaches to win.



Ri-li 2.0.1

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  • by Anonymous

    The quiz is also a con.
    Another con you forgot to mention is the quiz (which I also turn off).   More